We Help You Help Yourself

When we say to live life to the fullest, what we mean is that the environment you are born into doesn’t mean it’s the environment you have to stay in. You have the ability to enhance your life.


Financial and business consulting is where we live. Objectively dealing with your money or running a business is tough, even in the best of circumstances. We live BOLDLY HONEST, and our true north will always be your success.


Too many people go through life believing that they should always be the one working hard. We agree. But when you and your money are working hard together, the potential of both compound, and dreams are realized.


Professional athletics are often the purest forms of both relying on yourself, and trusting others. It also takes incredible focus on your craft. It's easy to lose focus on the future when you're focused on the next win. But we've got your back.

We're About Opportunity

You always hear talk of opportunity in a vague, hopeful way, as if you’re supposed to be ready to grab it as it flies by. IDEAL REALITY passionately disagrees. We believe that you can create your own opportunity. But it does require resilience, determination, and a willingness to take calculated risks. If you’ve shown that you’re willing to dream out loud, we’d love to work with you. But we’ve found those types of people often gravitate to industries and practices where they can bet on themselves every day:

Train for life

Athlete Entrepreneurs

You’re the lead-by-example gym owner, the practice-makes-permanent career coach, or the equipment manufacturer who knows others are betting their careers on the quality of your product. You’re the personal trainer who never tells a client to do something you’re not willing to do, or even the sports agent who’s found success by unrelentingly putting your client’s interest above your own.

You are often the lynchpin, inspiration, or catalyst for someone making a choice to believe in themself and achieve fame and fortune, while you quietly work on the next success story. You define yourself by the success of others. We do too, and we want you to know that you deserve your own story of success.


Youthful Entrepreneurs

Youth can be a powerful force for change, as energy, creativity, and a sense of idealism generally accompany it. Cynics and those without your vision see these qualities as overrepresented. But you know you can harness them to drive positive change in your communities and the world. Youth can also bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table, that are invaluable in addressing complex challenges.

But there’s another dimension to youth that is often quickly dismissed: youth does not mean young. Youth is energy, vitality, and a sense of potential. The youth others brush off as naivety can be world-changing when combined with experience, perspective, and wisdom.  IDEAL REALITY sees your fire, and we’re ready to apply the right amount of fuel at the right times.


Professional Athletes

Most people believe that when you become a professional athlete, your race is over: you’ve made it. But what those people don’t understand is that the exact opposite is true: the real work is only beginning. 

That transition is nearly always bumpy. There’s seldom adequate preparation or mentorship through the process. And now in the middle of being tossed into uncertainty and increased expectations and pressures to perform, you’re handed more money than you’ve ever seen in your life. Everyone is asking for it, and nobody is making an effort to understand what you want. It is important to focus on your own goals and priorities and make sure that any financial decisions align with them. This is the reason IDEAL REALITY exists: to help you make informed decisions that are in the best interest of the future you want.



From the fledgling floral arranger, to the VC founder, business owners share a common belief: you are not a product of your circumstances, and you are powerful enough to change your fate. Not only does everyone at IDEAL REALITY stand with you, we’re here to smooth the bumps that throw others off the path. 

On the whole, business owners understand that they don’t know what they don’t know, and are accustomed to fighting through uncertainty, doubt, and failure. We want to shine a light on your dedication and sacrifice, give you the tools to get to the next level, and tell your story to maximize your impact.


Don’t think you fall into one of the categories on this page? That’s ok. Hopefully we’ve made one thing clear: IDEAL REALITY’s number one priority is people, and we want to give them the tools they need to succeed and thrive in their own lives, investments, and businesses.

We mention creative minds a lot at IDEAL REALITY. But we’re not just talking about picking up a paint brush or thinking up the plot to a novel. We see practical creativity every day and don’t think anything of it. Creative minds think differently. They ask hard questions. How can we do something differently to overcome an obstacle? Why do we have to take a certain path just because others have? How can I make progress, not just recover from a failure? Why does it hurt so much when people around me settle for less than their potential? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, or even answered them in the pursuit of creating your IDEAL REALITY, you’re exactly the partner we’re looking for.

So whether or not you own a business, play a sport in front of millions of viewers, or just know you can have more and are willing to fight for it, it’s your time. It’s your time to step into the light, make your mark, and live life to the fullest.

“The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the support of those who truly believe in us and our potential.”