Chris Singleton Launches Ideal Reality to Help People Achieve Their Dreams

Professional athlete and entrepreneur Chris Singleton is launching his venture, Ideal Reality. Singleton offers business and financial coaching.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2023 / — Professional athlete and entrepreneur Chris Singleton is launching his highly-anticipated business venture, Ideal Reality. With the company’s bold theme of “Dreaming Out Loud,” Singleton hopes to empower people worldwide to achieve their wildest dreams by taking a chance on themselves.

Ideal Reality’s mission is to provide business and financial resources, education, and inspiration to people of all ages. From entrepreneurs to artists, Chris wants his platform to guide those looking to move into the next business or financial phase of their lives. Through various initiatives such as online classes, interactive webinars, and virtual coaching services, Chris hopes that Ideal Reality will help people break through any barriers and circumstances that might hold them back.

“When I made my first million, I had no idea how to leverage the money in a way that created actual wealth, said Singleton. Over the next decade, I learned a lot of valuable lessons, many the hard way, and I plan to share those lessons with athletes, small business owners, and creative individuals so they can achieve even greater success.”

Ideal Reality is a business and financial consulting company where individuals can access resources like financial planning advice, lifestyle tips, and guidance on setting up a business. The company also offers mentorship and partnership opportunities to help individuals reach their goals more efficiently. Through one-on-one coaching, group financial literacy sessions, and a variety of other personalized business and financial consulting programs, Chris plans to spread the knowledge he has gained over the years.

“I’m especially proud of the program we’re creating for young entrepreneurs,” said Singleton. “Our programs allow idealists to learn from experienced professionals and access resources to help them turn their dreams into reality.”

“Things changed when Chris started sharing his knowledge with me,” said Minos Christodoulakis, a mentee of Singleton’s program. “I went from relying on luck to making calculated decisions and taking advantage of opportunities. I’m now confident in my ability to succeed and pursue my dreams without fear or hesitation.”

We want to educate our clients on adequately managing and investing their money so they can grow their wealth and steer them away from unwise investors and investments.

Ideal Reality is a powerful reminder that anything and everything is possible – if we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and take a chance on ourselves.

Join Chris Singleton at @chriscsingleton on all major social media platforms and start Dreaming Out Loud today.


Background: Christopher Carl Singleton Jr. is an American professional basketball player who played three years of college basketball for Florida State University’s Seminoles, where he earned ACC Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2011. Singleton declared himself eligible for the 2011 NBA draft and was selected by the Washington Wizards with the 18th overall pick. In 2014, Chris began his international basketball journey and signed with the Chinese Basketball Association. He currently plays for the Anadolu Efes of the Turkish Basketball Super League and the EuroLeague. When Chris isn’t on the court, he is heavily involved with several business and investment ventures.

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